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Caledon Wedding Photography

1. Are there any good photography locations in Caledon?

When I think of Caledon wedding and engagement photography, I think of a few locations. Royal Ambassador Banquet Hall , Cambium Farms and The Arlington Estate come to mind. The latter actually has a helicopter pad for your arrival and optional fireworks behind the venue!

2. Does your studio allow me to choose a certain style of post-production?

This is a very important question! Post production can make or break your images and it is very important each and every one is looked at in post. Regarding the style, we typically choose the best one that matches the look and feel of your wedding. In the case that you had one in particular that you wanted, we would ask for example images and follow your choice.  

3. What kind of second shooters do you use?

We have a team of several shooters that are standing by when the time comes. All have shot with us for several years and all utilize the sae up to date gear that provides sharp and vibrant images for your wedding and engagement shoots. 

4. Are there historical sites or landmarks available for weddings in Caledon?

Caledon is known for its picturesque landscapes and charming rural settings, but it may not have as many historical sites or landmarks as other areas. However, there are still several unique venues that offer beautiful backdrops for weddings.

5. Is there a limit on the number of guests that wedding venues in Caledon can accommodate?

The capacity of wedding venues in Caledon varies depending on the venue. some venues may be able to accommodate intimate gatherings, while others can host larger celebrations. It's essential to discuss your guest count with the venue coordinator to ensure the space can accommodate your needs

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