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Mississauga Wedding Photography

Frequently asked questions: Mississauga region

1. Is Mississauga a good location for my wedding photography? 

From Harding Waterfront Estate to Adamson Estate, Mississauga has tons of photogenic spots to get the most out of your wedding photos. The Mississiagua Convention Centre is also a great venue for receptions that are a little on the bigger side when it comes to the amount of guest.  Do your homework and research if your choice requires a permit as many locations do require one. 

2. What should I wear for my engagement shoot?

I always recommend choosing two outfits for this. My e-sessions are usually 2-3h in length which gives you more then enough time for a mid change half way into the shoot. Having a mix of casual and formal attire usually gives you plenty of opportunities for diverse shots. 

3. How can I find a reputable wedding photographer in Mississauga?

If any of your friends or relatives have gotten married recently, ask them about their experience with the photographer. Word of mouth is always a great start. I also recommend looking on Google and always make sure to check out the reviews to see other peoples history with them.

4. How much will a wedding photographer in Mississauga cost me?

Wedding photography can range anywhere from $1000 - $8000. The old adage of you get what you pay for is very true in this case. Generally mid range is about $3000 - $4000. This once in a lifetime event only happens once so be very careful in hiring unproven photographers with relatively low experience shooting weddings.

5. What time of the day should I schedule my photography session?

The beginning and end of the day are always the best times to arrange your photo shoot. Sunrise and sunsets provide you with soft pleasing light as well as cotton candy skies. High noon is typically the worst time of the day as the sun is directly above you which casts unpleasant shadows underneath the eyes. 

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Wedding Photography Services Offered


Lucas photographs one wedding per day to provide quality services to every couple. All wedding photography packages consist of post retouching, editing, an shareable online gallery, and high-resolution digital downloads. Also included in wedding packages are the following: -


  • Full-day coverage

  • Second shooter

  • Third shooter

  • Wedding Videography

  • Drone Aerial Photography/Video

  • Flush mounted album

Other services


Lucas also conducts photography for:

  • Engagements

  • Portraits

  • Events

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