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Documentary Wedding in Toronto: From Cathedral to Castle

Casa Loma Bridal Suite

Kelly-Anne & Graeme:

I've shot a lot of documentary weddings over the past decade. I've seen a lot of STUFF, one might say! I'm no stranger to how people might react, how they feel and how they love. When I shoot, I'm not just focusing on the faces, backgrounds, foregrounds, textures or lighting between us , but also taking into account how you might be feeling while being in front of the lens. On this day it was effortless, free and everything was perfect with the world. It was really beautiful :) -


In the heart of Toronto, amidst the towering spires of St. Michael's Cathedral Kelly-Anne's and Graeme's love story unfolded. The cathedral's architecture is startling. The original cathedral was a simple Gothic Revival structure. However, in 1848, a fire destroyed the building, leading to its reconstruction. The new cathedral, completed in 1848, was designed by William Thomas in the Gothic Revival style, featuring intricate stonework, pointed arches, and ornate detailings.Throughout its history, St. Michael's Cathedral has served as a spiritual center for Toronto's Catholic community. It has witnessed numerous important religious ceremonies, including ordinations, baptisms, weddings, and funerals of prominent figures. This day it was Kelly-Anne and Graeme who exchanged vows that echoed up to those hallowed halls of the historical cathedral.

Those red doors at the cathedral are amaaaazing!


It was time to jump in the limo and head to Toronto's castle

As the rain began to fall, it added an unexpected twist to Kelly and Graeme's wedding day, but it couldn't dampen their spirits.There was always the bridal suite!

Casa Loma Bride

Kelly-Anne looking incredible on the balcony. I love how the light from the castle is kissing her cheek!

Casa Loma Library Wedding Reception

It was time for the reception!. The library in Casa Loma is an epitome of opulence and grandeur. Designed in the style of a traditional English library, it features rich wood paneling, intricately carved bookshelves, and a magnificent fireplace.

Laughs, tears and lots of love during the reception.