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The Liuna Station Wedding: A historic day celebrated in Hamilton

Liuna Station Wedding in Hamilton


Vanessa and Vince

This wedding was ridiculously amazing. When Vanessa first contacted me she had no idea she already knew of me. We used to work at the same location long ago. It was fate! From the very beginning, it was clear that this day would be something special. Vanessa literally sparkled with excitement and anticipation. She was the epitome of grace, radiating joy with every smile she beamed! I mean, just look for yourself! :)


In the heart of Hamilton's Cathedral, amidst the grandeur of stained glass and the soft glow of candlelight, Vanessa and Vince's love story unfolded in a ceremony that was nothing short of divine.

As guests filed into the sacred space, there was a sense of reverence and anticipation in the air. The cathedral seemed to hold its breath, as if in awe of the love that was about to be celebrated.


The reception was held at Hamilton's best wedding venue, the historic Liuna Station. Kind of like Union Station in Toronto, only smaller. :)


When the music filled the air and Vanessa and Vince took center stage, pots and pans in hand. In a spontaneous burst of joy, they transformed the reception into a lively orchestra of love, laughter ringing clear and spirits soaring high. It was a moment of pure, unadulterated happiness. Something I will never forget.


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