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Burlington Wedding Photographer

Toronto Bride


Lucas created wedding photos better than we could have ever imagined!


A few things to note about the quality Lucas provides:


1. He has an absolute eye for photos. You may have an idea of what you want but he will take it to the next level by finding photo opportunities everywhere he can.


2. He makes you feel like the most beautiful or handsome person. Complimenting you and showing you how amazing you look along the way.


3. He directs photos with ease. With just a few suggestions he’s got you in the best position for lighting.


4. He arrives on time to each location and is prepared to go wherever you need him.


5. Just a great human. Makes the day easy, fun and light. All of our guests enjoyed their interaction with him and shared how amazing he was to work with.Would recommend Lucas for all your photography needs!! Thank you Lucas!!! "

As us about about our wedding videography services!

Burlington, nestled along Lake Ontario's shores, offers a serene backdrop for your wedding day. With venues like the prestigious Burlington Golf and Country Club and the picturesque Royal Botanical Gardens, couples find enchanting settings reflecting the city's natural beauty and refined charm. 

Burlington's diverse offerings ensure couples discover their dream venue, whether amid lush gardens or overlooking scenic fairways. Each location encapsulates Burlington's tranquil ambiance and sophisticated allure. Cultural richness thrives in Burlington, with arts scenes, culinary delights, and historic landmarks inspiring captivating photography. 

From the scenic trails of Spencer Smith Park to the quaint charm of downtown, the city provides endless opportunities for capturing your love story. Conveniently located and accessible, Burlington is an ideal wedding destination. Entrust your special day to a skilled photographer, ensuring every moment is beautifully preserved for a lifetime of cherished memories.

 If you are curious about having both wedding photography and videography packages in Burlington,  please contact us for combo deals! 

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