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Madison Greenhouse Wedding: Anita and Jon

Madison Greenhouse Wedding Photography

When Anita and Jon chose to have a Madison Greenhouse wedding, they knew they were in for something special. The courtyard, bursting with flowers, was the perfect backdrop for their big day.

First Dance

The morning buzzed with excitement. Anita and her bridesmaids were a whirlwind of hairspray, giggles, and way too much coffee. Jon and his groomsmen were busy perfecting their bow ties and debating the necessity of socks (they decided to go sockless, of course).As Anita walked down the aisle, glowing in the afternoon sun, Jon greeted her with a cheeky, "You look so beautiful, I might forget my vows." The crowd erupted in laughter, setting a playful tone for the ceremony. The officiant shared a few hilarious stories about their relationship, including the time Jon tried to impress Anita with his gardening skills and ended up with a cactus stuck to his hand. Classic Jon! After exchanging heartfelt vows and rings, Anita and Jon sealed their promises with a kiss, and were showered with flower petals and applause. The reception that followed was a feast of good food, touching toasts, and some questionable but enthusiastic dance moves. Jon's moonwalk during the impromptu dance-off? Unforgettable. As the night wound down, Anita and Jon stole a quiet moment in the now softly lit courtyard, reflecting on their perfect day. It was a beautiful reminder that the best love stories blossom in the most vibrant places.

Anita and Jon, may your days be filled with as much love and laughter as your wedding day.


Anita and Jon looking sharp in their wedding attire!

Having an outdoors ceremony at this courtyard is always a good idea. It's spacious, lush and has amazing light for wedding photography!

I stole the couple away afterwards for a proper photo session

It was time for the introductions and first dance!

The lights that hang in here make for great photography bokeh

I wonder what he whispered to her?!


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